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Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is about helping to raise awareness of your brand through a wide range of different activities
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Every Little Bit Helps

Pretty much everything we do should increase brand awareness, whether that is an opinion article in an industry publication, issuing press releases, establishing and /or growing your social media presence, or supporting you to maximise your event presence. There are also a number of things where the main aim is about brand awareness. For example, we would get you in front of the media as much as possible at events. If you don’t have news you might not get instant coverage, but they will be aware of you and more likely to run your news when it is available.


Other elements include crafting entries for relevant industry awards. We have had some great success with these over the years, securing shortlists and wins in many of the recognised awards, such as: 

  • CSI
  • IBC Innovation
  • IBC and NAB Best of Show
  • Streaming Media Reader’s Choice Awards
  • Via Satellite Technology of the Year
  • MSUA
  • World Teleport Tech of the Year 

We would also outline paid opportunities as appropriate to help further leverage that brand awareness.

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