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Our Clients’ IBC 2023 Press Packs


7fivefive provides a unique combination of technical, business, and industry knowledge that is channelled into a complete service system integration for the broadcast industry. Developed based on that expertise, its Lens solution is a central resource management portal to combine, monitor, and manage media workflows. It gives users the ability to manage multiple cloud and hybrid environments, in one customisable platform.

  • 7fivefive Completes AWS FTR for its Lens Solution

London, United Kingdom, 21st June 2023 – 7fivefive, a leading media systems and broadcast workflow engineering company and member of the AWS Partner Network (APN), has announced that it has achieved AWS Partner Validated Status. The news follows 7fivefive’s successful completion of the AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR) for its central management portal, Lens.

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    Accedo is a global video solutions provider, powering some of the world’s most impactful video-centric experiences. It reduces the complexity of an ever-evolving video ecosystem, enabling businesses of all shapes and sizes to provide world-class video services to their customers. Through a combination of award-winning products and its deep technical expertise, Accedo empowers global industry leaders – such as Deutsche Telekom, NBC Universal, ITV, Globo, Hallmark, Bloomberg and Tata Play – to inspire and entertain people across the world.

    • Accedo, Ateme Transform In-stadium Experiences with AWS

    Stockholm, Sweden & Paris, France, 14th September 2023 Accedo and Ateme, have teamed up to deliver next-generation in-stadium and venue experiences for live sporting events with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The solution, deployed on AWS Wavelength, combines Ateme’s 5G Media Streaming solution and Accedo Xtend to deliver a game-changing immersive in-stadium experience over 5G.

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      • Bitmovin and Accedo partner to power Television New Zealand’s sports streaming hub.

      Vienna– September, 11, 2023 – Bitmovin, a leading provider of video streaming infrastructure, announces it has partnered with Accedo, a global video solutions provider, to help Television New Zealand (TVNZ) bring sports content to viewers across New Zealand using state-of-the-art video streaming technology. TVNZ is using Accedo’s end-to-end streaming solution integrated with the Bitmovin Player for its newly launched sports streaming hub, which includes the broadcasting rights to domestic coverage of the New Zealand cricket team. 

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        • Accedo Report Highlights Energy Use of Video Streaming

        Stockholm, Sweden, 31st August, 2023 – A new study from Accedo has found a high variation of energy consumption between various streaming devices, with TVs alone being the most efficient. The study, which looked at the energy usage of various streaming devices and a number of popular streaming applications, also found that autoplay content dramatically increases energy consumption.

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          • Accedo Launches Sustainable Marketplace in Accedo One

          Stockholm, Sweden, 15th September 2023 – Global video solutions provider, Accedo, has announced the launch of new criteria targeting sustainability in its Accedo One Marketplace. Showcased on its booth (5.F40) at IBC, it enables video service providers to make buying decisions based not only on product features, but also on sustainable KPIs to cover carbon emissions reduction, audience influence, and community impact.

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            UKTI room 1.C37

            Atheras Analytics has developed a suite of AI-based, SaaS-delivered software tools that enable satellite operators to optimise the design and operation of their next-generation Ka-band and Q/V-band satellite networks for maximum network availability. The core of these tools is he AI-based Outage Prediction Algorithm (OPA) which employs advanced machine learning techniques, including neural networks, to train the Outage Prediction Algorithm (OPA) for multiple different operational scenarios.

            • Atheras Analytics to Improve Ka-band Link Outage Predictions

            Harwell, UK, 11 September, 2023- Atheras Analytics, a global leader in predicting and managing the effects of atmospheric/weather impairments on Ka-band and Q/V-band satellite links, has announced its successful award of a co-funded ARTES development contract, for its TEMPESTAS project. The project will be carried out under ESA’s Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES) Core Competitiveness programme with the support of UK Space Agency (UKSA) and SES, a leading provider of global satellite connectivity solutions. 

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              Established in 2000, Broadcast Traffic Systems (BTS) is a leading supplier of traffic solutions to the broadcasting industry. The company’s objective is to offer scalable, cost-efficient solutions suitable for single and multi-channel broadcasters. It can provide a complete system from long term planning and advertising sales through to integration with transmission playout systems.

              • Broadcast Traffic Systems Releases SaaS Model for its
                Channel Management Application

              Broadcast Traffic Systems (BTS) has launched a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model for its channel management application, ESSENTIALS. The cloud-based scheduling application is accessible from any browser and is available now on a per-channel, per-month basis.

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                Cinedeck is creating workflows that are both inventive and direct.  Whether it’s encoding edit-ready formats for the fastest camera to post workflow or helping to get files to the delivery finish line with its now patented insert-edit technology, Cinedeck is dedicated to creating tools that enable the most efficient media workflows.

                • Cinedeck Simplifies Post-Production Workflows with Updates to CD2

                New York, USA, 12th September 2023 – Cinedeck has launched new features for its CD2 Ingest Software, aimed at streamlining multi-channel production workflows. Live Logger, Live Replay and the Broadcast Control App will be demonstrated on its booth (5.H27) at IBC.

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                  • Cinedeck launches flexible and scalable media processing platform at IBC

                  New York, USA, 24th August 2023Cinedeck has launched ConneX, its flexible and scalable media processing platform, ahead of IBC 2023. Delivering media workflow automation, ConneX’s award winning capture, conform, and media processing technologies enable media companies to batch process and edit files seamlessly and cost-effectively.

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                    Codemill is a full stack custom software developer for the Media and Entertainment industry. Codemill’s Accurate.Video product suite, Cantemo MAM and Accurate Player SDK, power broadcast, VOD/OTT and Media Supply Chain platforms and Media Asset Management workflows. Codemill’s clients are major Hollywood studios including Paramount Global, broadcasters such as the BBC, ITV and ProSieben.Sat1, VOD/OTT services including Joyn, along with publishers and brands such as The Guardian.

                    • Codemill launches Accurate.Video as a Service

                    Umeå, Sweden, 13th September 2023Codemill (Nasdaq:CDMIL) has announced a new and efficient feature for Accurate.Video for SaaS integration. 

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                      • Codemill Announce First-Time Demonstration of Cantemo 6 at IBC

                      Umeå, Sweden, 14th September 2023 –Codemill(Nasdaq: CDMIL) has announced that the updated version of Cantemo will be demonstrated at IBC 2023 for the first time, following previews of the softwares’ design at last year’s show. The new version, Cantemo 6, features an entirely refreshed User Interface (UI), improved usability, and now includes Codemill’s highly regarded Accurate.Player as the default media player.

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                        MainConcept provides video and audio codec solutions that fuel creativity and business globally for professional video production, multimedia, broadcast, digital signage, gaming, medical and security industries. The company’s software development kits, transcoding applications and plugins are used across industry verticals to meet an ever-expanding list of use cases. MainConcept codecs are used by organizations such as Adobe, AVID, Autodesk, Corel, Dalet, Endeavor Streaming, Grass Valley, MAGIX, MOG, Nikon, PlayBox Neo, Sony. Veset, and Wowza.

                        • MainConcept combines immersive advertising with award winning encoding efficiency

                        Aachen, Germany; San Diego, California – 13 September, 2023 – MainConcept, the leading provider of video and audio codecs, has announced it will showcase its new codec-based, server-side ad-technology at IBC. The technology empowers broadcasters and video services to embed personalized, overlay ads into a stream, at scale, in a simple, flexible, and efficient way.

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                          Open Broadcast Systems is a leading-edge manufacturer of encoding and decoding for B2B video contribution and distribution. Its software-based solutions are deployed to deliver premium video content over any network, from satellite to IP. High quality solutions developed by Open Broadcast Systems deliver services to millions of people every day, including many major sporting and breaking news events.


                          London, 11th September 2023 – Open Broadcast Systems to demonstrate OneWeb Low Earth Orbit (LEO) video contribution on its booth (1.A40C) at IBC.

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                            Perifery, a division of DataCore, provides innovative workflow solutions for evolving media organizations. Trusted by leading media and entertainment companies worldwide, Perifery appliances and Swarm software set the bar for fast, secure, and scalable solutions that preserve, protect, and speed up monetization of digital assets.

                            • Ad Signal and Perifery Partner to Optimize Media Storage  and Content Management

                            7th September 2023, York & CardiffPerifery, a division of DataCore, has announced that Ad Signal, an innovative software development company, has integrated its de-duplication and AI Tagging solution, Match, with Object Matrix, a media-focused object storage platform. The combination of products provides media teams with an efficient tool that automatically identifies duplicate assets. 

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                              • Perifery enhances Swarm through integration with Object Matrix

                              Ft. Lauderdale, 23rd August 2023 – Perifery has announced the integration of Object Matrix Vision to Perifery’s hybrid cloud media archive and workflow solution, Swarm. The unification enhances management of the media data life cycle, from ingest to archive, within Swarm.

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                                UKTI room 1.C37

                                QuadSAT is developing a brand-new system for test and verification of radio frequency equipment. The technology is fully automated, flexible and location independent capable of scaling and transforming how antennas are tested. The system consists of state-of-the-art drone technology integrated with a custom RF payload as well as automation and measurement software. QuadSAT is backed by Space Tech focused Seraphim Capital and Danish state Vaekstfonden Venture Capital firms.

                                • QuadSAT Emulates LEO/MEO Passes for Highly-Dynamic Testing

                                Odense, Denmark, 1st June 2023 – QuadSAT has announced the ability of its drone system to emulate orbital passes of a LEO or MEO satellite as seen from the antenna on the ground. This patent-pending technology means that the system can generate virtual passes from any direction and at any elevation angles to perform tracking tests, wherever the antenna is located.

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                                  Developed jointly by a group of experts using a standards-based approach, RIST provides an open, interoperable, and technically robust solution for low-latency live video over unmanaged networks. With RIST, interoperability is achieved through clear specifications, while vendors remain free to innovate within their own implementations.

                                  • RIST Forum Announces Latest libRIST Release Ahead of IBC 2023

                                  5th September 2023 – The Reliable Internet Stream Transport (RIST) Forum and SipRadius have released Version 0.2.8 of libRIST, the publicly available version of RIST Protocol. The latest release comes with a host of new features for the FOSS community to integrate and freely use. Highlights of the latest libRIST release include:

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                                    • VSF Releases Specification for RIST Relay

                                    11th July 2023The Video Services Forum (VSF), has further enhanced the Reliable Internet Streaming Transport (RIST) protocol by incorporating a RIST Relay function to address the issue of firewall traversal for RIST devices. This feature, detailed in TR-06-4 Part 3, is the third release in a series of ancillary features for RIST specifications.

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                                      • Increased RIST Forum Members to Showcase RIST-Enabled Products at IBC 2023

                                      14th September 2023 – The Reliable Internet Stream Transport (RIST) Forum has announced that it now has over 260 members with several of its members showcasing RIST-enabled products at the IBC Show from the 15th-18th September 2023.

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                                        With an era of new requirements upon us, such as request fulfilment and incident management, the Satcoms Innovation Group (SIG) aims to promote innovation in the satellite communication industry to improve operational efficiency and reduce impact, saving time and money. As an open forum to generate innovative thinking, it enables the industry to come together and discuss current challenges.

                                        • The Satcoms Innovation Group Announces New Members

                                        Ledbury, Herefordshire, 22nd June 2023: The Satcoms Innovation Group (SIG) has welcomed Hispasat as a full member, Cobham Satcom as an Associate member, Atheras Analytics as a Startup Member and John Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory as an Academic member. 

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                                          Veset (www.veset.tv), a wholly owned subsidiary of PLAY, Inc. (www.play.jp), is on a mission to enable digital transformation in the media and entertainment industry. Its cloud playout solutions are transforming the way media content is distributed, enabling broadcasters to originate and manage professional linear channels entirely in the cloud. With cloud-based features comparable to any on-premise playout solution, Veset is enabling broadcasters to deliver more channels to more platforms than ever before without sacrificing on quality.

                                          • New Veset Nimbus feature expands prospects for seamless live-ad insertion

                                          Riga, Latvia, 12th September 2023 – Veset, developer of Veset Nimbus, the pioneering SaaS platform for broadcasters, media content owners and service providers, has announced its new seamless ad-insertion feature for live and premium feeds. The new feature will be officially launched at IBC 2023.

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                                            • Veset Integrates with AWS Elemental MediaTailor

                                            Riga, Latvia, 25th July 2023 – Veset has announced that its cloud playout platform, Nimbus, is now integrated with AWSElemental MediaTailor. The integration makes it simple for users to build channels and insert personalised ads entirely in the cloud.

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