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We know that events are expensive, but worthwhile if you can maximise your presence there.

We can do it all

Having a carefully crafted Marketing and PR campaign leading up to the event can really make a difference and bring people to your stand. We do this in a number of ways, depending on your specific goals and budget, but it could include: 

  • Issuing news
    • Ideally with a press release well ahead of the event to maximise coverage and help drive traffic.
    • This can often be followed up with another press release (or multiple) nearer the time if news but would be planned to avoid being lost in the noise.
  • Setting up meetings with media and analysts at the event.
  • Social media campaigns (organic and/or paid) helping to raise awareness and drive traffic.
  • Articles placed in industry magazines that will be out during the event.
  • Blog post(s) either highlighting what you will be showing and/or talking around a specific theme or topic that is relevant to your show presence.
  • Securing speaking opportunities at events where possible. 

We have also assisted some clients with full event presence, from planning the theme, creating stand graphics, to booking furniture and organising exhibitor badges.

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