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Recognition is one of the simplest, yet most meaningful values in life. We all want to succeed, and we all want the acknowledgement we rightly deserve. This applies across the scale, whether it’s personal, in our workplace, or as an organisation. Having our efforts, ideas, and actions recognised is an achievement that brings a great deal of satisfaction and accomplishment to us and those around us.

The Importance of Awards

Awards have long been a formal way of honouring the efforts of individuals and organisations. Regardless of whether you win an award, or even make the shortlist, knowing that you have been nominated is often enough to keep you motivated. But of course, winning is the goal. Who doesn’t want their name or company highlighted on social media, at events, and in industry publications?! Winning gives you automatic bragging rights, and we all love having something to boast about every now and again.

Although nominations are good and winning is even better, there are more benefits to awards which are often overlooked. Not only can it boost company morale, but it can also significantly increase company exposure. 

Are Awards Worth it?

For many companies, entering awards could be an untapped resource for generating recognition and awareness within the broadcast, media, and satellite industries. One of the major keys to ensuring that you are getting the most worth out of an awards submission is by correctly targeting entries. Industry tradeshows, such as NAB or IBC, have awards that run alongside the events, and membership groups, such as the IABM and the Satcoms Innovation Group, host their own awards to recognise new products, services, and individuals, throughout the year. 

The beauty of these awards is their potential to reach a large and targeted audience.

More often than not, industry professionals – who are likely to be at said events, or part of the same membership groups – will have read about your company and your offerings, which automatically puts you in front of your ideal market. 

Award winners and nominees are recognised as leaders in their category. After all, they are the ones which have beaten their competitors to that position. Even if you’re not a winner, being considered in the same league as some of the major industry players is a win.

Award submissions can secure your company’s position, proving itself as a worthy contender within the industry. Award entries demonstrate that your team, products, and services are at the top of the game, which in turn, can generate more business. Award nominations and wins suggest quality and credibility, which is an endorsement in itself. Not only can this lead to more customers, but it can also increase loyalty from existing customers.

When Industry Awards Pay Off

Radical Moves is a firm believer in the power of awards, and we want you to win as much as you do! We’ve recently been basking in the joy of having inspiring women from Accedo, Cinedeck, Codemill, and Object Matrix nominated in the Rise Awards, and seeing Codemill receive Runner Up status in this year’s Streaming Media European Innovation Awards. We’ve also celebrated wins with Cinedeck in the NAB Awards and the very worthy recognition for Joakim Espeland of QuadSAT in SSPI’s 20 Under 35 young space and satellite professionals to look out for. 

We’re taught from a young age that it’s the taking part that counts, and it couldn’t be truer. Whether you have a team member that goes over-and-above, a new product which is disrupting the industry, or a valuable customer project to shout about, entering awards can deliver much more than a pretty trophy. They bring recognition, boost morale, build reputation, and cement credibility. So, if you believe in the abilities of your product, solution, and team, you have nothing to lose in nominating them. You never know, it might just lead to the next level of success.

Need some help to create your winning nomination?

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