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The essential guide to case studies

essential guid to case studies

Case studies are invaluable for proving that you can do what you say you can do. They can be used in a number of ways: added to your website, printed as marketing collateral, or sometimes even placed in a magazine if compelling enough and If they are an interesting example of innovation with consequences for the industry. 

How to write a case study 

The first thing to do is ask for your client’s permission to do the case study with them. There may be a reason that they don’t want a case study written. Once you have found a willing customer, it’s important that you work with them on this, If you make them look good for using your product you may get a backlink to your own site. It’s really important that you don’t trash what they were using before you came along and “saved the day”. Highlighting that your solution has made your client’s life easier as it was outgrowing its old system due to continued success, makes you both look good. 

Your case study should be easy to read, visual to the eye and cover the main points quickly. It’s important to address the who, what, where, how and why. Some highlighted quotes always look good. Some pictures of the product and location help to create visual authenticity. 

Why case studies are an essential step in securing new business 

So your potential clients have found your website they now know who you are and what you can do. The case study is that last little bit that can reassure your potential lead that you can do what you say. The more case studies you have demonstrating your varied skills and experience, the better. Case studies must be current and relevant, so keeping on top of updating them and creating new ones is essential. 

Creating Case studies with radical Moves 

We know that sometimes creating case studies might not be top of your agenda even if you know you need them. Using Radical Moves can make that easy. We can suggest projects that can make great case studies, as we know you and your business. We can write the case study and lay it out in a format that fits your brand. As we only work in broadcast and satellite, we know the industry. So if we think your case study could make an exciting story for a magazine, then Radical Moves will know which magazine and the contact to send it to.