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Email Marketing

Keep your audience engaged with great content that builds trust whilst sharing your latest developments.

Digital marketing with Radical Moves

The ability to communicate directly with people who have shown interest in your product is highly prized. Therefore, your list of contacts for email marketing needs to be nurtured and looked after. The marketing emails you send to that list should benefit each reader and be compelling enough for them to want to open. 


Growing your contact lists 


There are many ways to increase the number of people on your list, but it is important to make sure that you only include people who have a genuine interest in getting emails from you. Spamming people isn’t good for your reputation. 


Radical Moves can work with you to increase your lists organically, with campaigns designed to encourage people to want to subscribe. We can help you to utilise social media, events and other opportunities to expand your email marketing lists.

Creating compelling marketing emails 


Having attracted some followers on your list, Radical Moves can create well-designed, exciting content that highlights your latest updates, whilst offering something that readers want. This can be a great vehicle to share your blog, news or other updates. Digital marketing should be well planned and regular, but not too frequent that people unsubscribe. 


Radical Moves understands that your contact list is valuable and worth the time and effort to nurture. When your emails offer help and advice, you will start to turn the individuals on your contact list into a small community of people who trust your opinion and judgement. This will ultimately help to turn leads into sales.