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The why, when, how and where of press releases

The indispensable guide to issuing a press release

Radical Moves Press Release

Why use a press release?

Press releases let your customers and potential customers know about your latest news. Radical Moves knows who to send your news to, ensuring you get the best coverage in the most relevant news feeds. Radical Moves will also tell you what is newsworthy and what is just spamming the journalist. This is a key component when trying to build relationships with the press. As they get to know you and respect your news, you will begin to stand out in their inbox, which is important when you consider that you’ll be sitting next to hundreds of other announcements.

Who writes your press release?

You don’t need to worry, as industry specialists we know how to write a press release to get the best exposure. An email or a quick phone call to give us the outline and we can do the rest. We will even write your quote for you. When you’re happy with the results, we can communicate with any third parties if needs be to get their approval, and then send it out for you on the agreed day.

Timing a press release

If you’re trying to drive visitors to your stand at an event, then timing the issue of a press release around that is important. Having your press release ready a few days earlier than its release date can further allow your PR agency the time to contact some key journalist to give them a heads up and an opportunity for a better story.

The unseen benefits of a press release

As well as letting journalist know about your latest offerings, press releases also tell the press you exist. By giving journalists a gentle nudge from time to time, they can become familiar with your company and what you offer. They may not run every bit of news you shout about, but it will remind them you are there when they are looking for a comment or a speaker.

Issuing a press release gives you something to link to and talk about on social media, helping you to stay active and keeping your followers engaged.

Remember you are selling your story not your product!