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Space and Satcoms

The Growth of the space sector

The space sector has seen huge growth over recent years. The advent of mega constellations in particular means that the environment is more crowded than ever before. We are also seeing a major shift to multi-orbit environments. This, coupled with virtualisation of the ground segment, is presenting huge opportunities for the industry, as well as introducing complexity and the risk of errors. Space Situational Awareness is, not surprisingly a huge topic, with growing concern for ensuring we can minimise risk of collision in all orbital regimes. At the same time, interference, which has been relatively under control, is causing concern again. Companies with tools to address these challenges are in more demand than ever before and we are lucky to work with many interesting innovators that are doing just that. 

Our foray into space and satcoms began in 2008. There is of course a certain amount of correlation between broadcast and satcoms and we have worked with clients which are providing solutions to both. Since then, we have worked with a wide array of different companies bringing innovative solutions to an exciting and ever-evolving industry. Our work with influential industry associations, such as the Space Data Association and the Satcoms Innovation Group, has further shaped both our understanding of the industry, as well as our knowledge of current and future challenges and opportunities. And working with all of our clients has further fuelled our passion for an exciting industry. 

Our clients range from satellite industry associations- Satcoms Innovation Group and the Space Data Association, which we have worked with since 2011 and 2015 respectively, to technology companies such as Atheras Analytics (since 2022), Oasis Networks (since 2023), Quadsat (since 2019), and ST Engineering (since 2023).

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