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As of 1st July, Radical Moves is now a limited company. When I first went freelance 14 years ago, I had ambitions to grow my company into an agency but I am still amazed, and very proud, at what it has grown into. Back then, it was just me working around my new baby as a way to make sure I could stay at home and be there for her. 14 years and two new children later and we are a small, but rapidly growing agency, with global clients. As we have continued to grow and take on more staff, we have been doing so much more than just PR. Now we are bigger we felt it was time to turn Radical Moves PR into a limited company and so Radical Moves Limited was born. 

I started out fresh from working in PR for Dolby, which was what led me to focus on the broadcast industry. The satellite industry focus came about from working with a client that worked across both. As we have grown, we have found that we are increasingly doing more than just PR for many of our clients. Being small and flexible has meant we can adapt to plug whatever gap needs filling, whether that is managing social media platforms, running events, creating marketing collateral, or planning an all-encompassing strategic marketing campaign. Our breadth of experience and services has also expanded with the team, as we bring in more capabilities that adds to that, from designers to social media whizzes. 

Of course, training is also an important part of that, making sure that we are up-to-speed with the latest tools and techniques that can help our clients. I definitely have to mention the amazing team at Big Fish Training who have helped us along the way, making sure that our team has the right tools to adapt writing styles for a wide variety of different types of content. And I know that I also need to keep myself well trained. I recently did a course for financial PR, helping me understand how IPOs impact communications, made necessary by the recent IPO of one of our clients, but useful for any future ones too. 

Over the past 14 years of running this business, it has become increasingly apparent that PR cannot work in a silo, it has to be part of the marketing strategy and the wider company strategy. It works best when those teams are closely aligned, whether that is with us taking on more of that role, or simply fitting closely into the existing team. I don’t know whether it comes from having most recently been in-house before setting up, but I have always worked as if part of the internal team and I think that is a bit part of what makes us “radical”. We are not a silo sitting on the edge, waiting for instructions, we are part of the team for our clients. 

As we enter this new era, it is still business as usual for all our existing clients. I am grateful to be surrounded by an amazing team, work with great clients, and in an industry that I love. Here’s to the years to come!