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Thought Leadership

Establishing a position as a thought leader helps to elevate your brand and key spokespeople, demonstrating your understanding of the industry and the challenges faced by your clients.
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Establish Trust

Being seen as an expert helps to establish trust and your target audience is more likely to come to you when they need the specific product or service you provide. At the same time, magazines are always on the look-out for good spokespeople who can provide commentary on the latest trends with their opinion on what that means for the industry.


Because we specialise in media and entertainment, and space and satcoms, we understand the industries and the current trends. This means we are able to suggest topics and angles, as well as being able to write opinion articles and comment with minimum input. We are constantly tracking upcoming features and proactively looking for opportunities to provide comment or editorial, and often we are approached by journalists looking for expert opinion from our clients. 

It is also worthwhile including thought leadership on your blog as it is likely to attract readers wanting to understand those trends better. 

Another element of thought leadership is of course looking for opportunities to speak at industry events, whether as a presentation or on a panel. We have previously secured slots for our clients at many of the major events, including, for example: 

  • NAB
  • IBC
  • SET Expo
  • BroadcastAsia
  • SatelliteAsia
  • Satellite Show
  • Space Tech Expo
  • Smallsats
  • Govsatcom
  • Defence in Space

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