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If you want to create a stronger reputation, and promote your company and products, then getting PR right is essential for your company. PR is about sending the right messages to the right people, at the right time. When you a launch a new product, publicise news of an amazing new client, or announce your latest partnership, it’s important to get it right the first-time round. That’s why having a specialist or niche agency on your side is so critical. 

A niche agency differs from a general PR agency because the people are passionate about, and know their particular industry inside out. This means that they can communicate your brand messages, when and where it counts, so that you get the very best results. 

If you’re considering hiring a PR agency, it is well worth appointing a specialist in the field. A niche PR company will offer unique skills that non-niche PR firms simply cannot match.

3 reasons a niche PR company will get you the best results 

Expertise in the industry

Unlike broad PR practitioners, specialists have real-world first-hand experience in the field, gained through years of working in the industry. Industry knowledge and expertise is what sets the specialists apart from the general PR firm. 

Inbuilt network of media contacts

As well-established members of their sector, niche PR companies have built up and cultivated contacts, ready to place content in the correct publications and media outlets. This means that your press release or article is more likely to be published. A niche PR agency can connect with the right people to get your brand messages out to your audience. 

Knowledge of your audience

The best niche PR companies have a solid understanding of trade publications, magazines, websites, social media sites, news sources and blogs most viewed and read by your audience. They also have inside knowledge of trade shows and events and know how to maximise your opportunities before, during, and after the event. Best of all, they understand your audience well, and know how to reach them.

At Radical Moves, we have more than 15 years’ experience working in the satellite and broadcast industries. We understand the challenges and opportunities facing those industries and can work with you to get your message to the right audience, at the right time. Get in touch to see how we can help.