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Why your blog is so important

Great blogs

The Importance of a Great Blog 

A successful blog provides interesting and engaging content for your website, it should also have a purpose. Your audience should be coming away from your blog feeling satisfied, armed with extra knowledge. A well-planned blog can offer industry insights, tips, and tricks, or explore the latest trends and innovations. It should break down a single topic, should be factual and should be to the point. 

The best blog should always have a call to action, encouraging the reader to stay on your site for longer and exposing them to more of your content. A good way to do this is to invite them to subscribe to your latest news or share a link to a blog on a similar topic. 

The Benefits of a Great Blog Post 

As well as keeping your website updated and relevant, regular blog posts can provide you with additional content to share on your social channels and can set the basis for longer-form content – such as an article or thought leadership. 

A well-prepared blog can also add great value to your website. A blog post should include links which direct the reader to other areas of your website, or to relevant external content, which can make it more likely to receive a link from external sites. Search engines love it when others link to you; it increases your page authenticity which can give you a boost in the rankings. 

Furthermore, blogs are a great way to talk to your customer. Blogs tend to be less formal than other sources of written content, so you can get your personality and workplace culture across without the worry of sounding ‘off-brand’. 

Why You Should Use a Specialist to Write Your Blog 

Maintaining a blog whilst also running a business, team, or department, can not only be distracting, but also time-consuming. Having a specialist who understands your business goals, your target audience, and relevant industry topics, can save you time and resources. 

Radical Moves can work with you to come up with great topics, write the content, find great images, proofread the blog, and post it on your behalf. We will then add it to the social calendar, if you so wish, and post it to social media on your behalf. 

Struggling to think of a relevant topic? Radical Moves will work with you to understand your goals, and then come back with an idea for your blog. Once you’re happy, we will take the process out of your hands and repeat the steps above.