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A typical sales funnel takes the customer from awareness through to action when they purchase your product or service. It maps out the journey the customer takes as you go through the process of making a sale, from the efforts that you make early on to raise your company profile and make your potential customers aware of your product, all the way to the customer taking action. While the action taken by the customer may vary depending on the nature of the business, their journey is essentially the same:

  1. Awareness

  2. Interest

  3. Desire

  4. Action

How can Radical Moves help you in this process?

A good PR firm will plan a campaign that not only raises awareness but also creates interest and desire. We can help you to raise your profile and better engage with your audience, whilst developing trust and your brand identity. Combine this with marketing efforts, and you have all the right mechanisms to take the customer all the way to the action stage of the funnel.

Written content

Magazine Articles: These help raise awareness of your company as well as establish a level of expertise and trust. By targeting the magazines that your customers are reading you can inform their opinion and get your message to the masses.

Press Releases: A great way to keep people engaged with your latest offerings and developments. Press releases let journalists and customers know that you are moving forward and evolving. They can also lead to features, articles and other opportunities.

Blogs: Placing blogs on your website is a fantastic way to talk about the things that matter to you. Blogs develop interest, and they can also feed you social media to help engage with your audience. They have the added benefit of keeping your website fresh and enhancing SEO efforts.

Case Studies: These enhance the desire to have your product. Having already peaked their interest, case studies allow the reader to see how you have solved similar problems and the benefits your product or service brought to the customer. It also shows that you have experience and can be trusted.

Marketing emails: Sending out regular updates to your own hard-won audience is priceless. The fact that they are on your mailing list means they have awareness and interest, so this is a good place to foster desire and share blogs and case studies.

Social Media

Social posts are another great way to raise awareness, create interest and increase desire. It’s worth remembering that the audience on your social channels may cover all stages of the sales funnel, so it’s important to feed out a steady stream of posts that aim to enhance all stages. Social post can link nicely back to case studies, blogs, articles and press releases.


From raising awareness to taking action, events are great for driving the customer forward, at every stage in the sales funnel. They are a brilliant way to meet your audience face to face, from potential buyers, to industry influencers like journalists and analysts. A presence at an event cannot be underestimated. The experience can be further enhanced with speaking opportunities, award entries and networking events.

We can work with you to help you effectively use written content, social media, and events to get the best results possible. However you manage your sales process, Radical Moves can help you to increase awareness, enhance interest, and develop desire, so that more customers take the action that you want them to take.

Get in touch to see how we can work with you to compliment your sales process, so that you get more leads.