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By Helen Weedon, Managing Director, Radical Moves 

I’ve always enjoyed looking back at what’s happened over the past year. It never fails to amaze me how much we’ve managed to pack in to just 12 months. As I’m sure everyone reading this would agree, life tends to be so busy that we focus attention on what is coming up next, work on completing it, then move on to the next job. While this is productive and gets things done, it’s nice to have a chance at the end of the year to reflect on events and achievements. Life moves so fast, it’s easy to overlook how far you’ve come.   

Radical Moves has grown over the years, into a multi-disciplinary agency, able to offer an integrated approach to marketing and PR. We pride ourselves in being able to offer a bespoke, tailored service that meets a client’s individual needs. 

2022 has been a pretty exciting year for Radical Moves. First, we celebrated our 15th birthday and then went on to expand the team with new members of staff. In the aftermath of Covid, it’s been great being able to all work together in the same space in our lovely Radical Moves office. I’m really proud of the great team of people working with us and I’m excited to see what we’ll be able to achieve in 2023. 

Travelling returns 

With the majority of trade shows for the broadcast and satellite industry back on again this year, we’ve done a fair bit of travelling. It’s been great to meet up with clients face to face again, make the most of the networking opportunities, and attend many of the presentations, panel discussions and demonstrations. We’ve supported many of our clients to get the very most out of these events, whether that be through exhibiting, networking, or with media interviews

Over the year, we attended numerous trade shows and industry events spanning across 7 countries. Alongside attending these industry wide trade shows, we’ve also organised numerous technical workshops for our clients who are membership organisations and professional associations, namely the Satcoms Innovation Group (SIG), the Reliable Internet Stream Transport Forum (RIST), and the Space Data Association (SDA). 

Our fantastic clients

We have amazing clients that we have worked with for years, over a decade in some cases, and this year we started working with some exciting new clients in the satellite industry, Atheras Analytics, Oasis and Vyoma. We are looking forward to working with them more over the coming months and years. 

Many of our clients have been nominated for and gone on to win some really big industry awards this year. Cinedeck, won Best of Show at NAB, and Cerberus Tech and Accedo found success at the IABM Awards to name a few. In addition, we have had more shortlists than I can mention in this blog. Working so closely with our clients means that we feel the same sense of pride as they do when they get the recognition they deserve. 

This year, we’ve issued more press releases and articles than ever, helping to get our clients names out into the industry. We have increased the number of social accounts that we manage and grow to the point where we now have a team of people working on and planning great content. We are really proud of how much we have achieved over the year and now as I look back, I can see the scale of the success we’ve had for our clients. 

Focusing on the year ahead 

Despite current economic issues, we’re still seeing a lot of technological innovation, as well as positivity about the future. As both the broadcast and satellite industry both increasingly look to move more and more networks and services to the cloud, it’s clear that a major transformation is underway. 

We’re really excited to start our first full year with our expanded team. It means we will be able to offer more, and achieve greater things for our clients, both old and new. We pride ourselves in our ability to help small businesses really grow by supporting, advising and nurturing them. We look forward to continuing to do that in 2023 and beyond.