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The benefits of features and articles

How to get your content published

Journalists and editors are under increasing pressure to fill their pages with great articles and features that their readers will enjoy. You have an opportunity to help them out. If you can offer the magazine a well-written insightful piece of writing that is both relevant to its readers and original, the chances are, they will be happy to take it. In exchange for this, you may get a link to your website, but more importantly, you will quickly gain a reputation for having an original opinion that the magazine may want to tap into in future issues. Furthermore, the readers, that are likely interested in what you have to say, are going to be your potential customers.

How Radical Moves can help you get great content into a magazine

Remember, the key here is to take the work off the journalist’s or editor’s hands. Ensure the article is well written and includes all relevant images. If they have to rewrite the article, they may just decide not to use it.

You could write articles and approach the magazines yourself to place them, but would you want to? Working in the broadcast and satellite industry means that Radical Moves knows the right magazines, who to approach and what angle to go with. We have written thousands of articles and can create compelling pieces to help your brand and get your name out there. We know how to hit the right tone for each magazine.

As a specialist PR and marketing firm in the broadcast and satellite industry, we are also frequently approached by journalists and editors for comments from our clients for a feature they are running. Many features are written with quotes from multiple clients we look after. So in addition to all the other benefits of using a specialist to write your articles, you may also get asked to contribute to a feature in a magazine.

How to get articles in magazines

      • The content needs to be worthy, original and of interest to the readers.

      • Make sure the article is not a sales pitch.

      • Write about a topic you are passionate about and relevant to that magazine’s readers.

      • Give an opinion, don’t sit on the fence.

      • Find out what topics are being discussed, by which magazine, and when, by downloading the feature calendars for all the magazines you want to target. 

Other benefits of having articles in magazines

Having magazines accept your content to publish is a fantastic feeling. It’s also a step toward that magazine being more aware of you and trusting your opinion. This means that your press releases are more likely to be noticed so have a higher chance of getting picked up. In addition, speaking opportunities at an event are also easier to get when you have a published opinion. It will quickly become clear to the industry that your opinion is valuable and that you have more to say than just to talk about your company.